HHR Loves HHR Program


Our Administrator Allison Maxey at Huntingdon Health and Rehabilitation Center is committed to making 2019 The Year of Staff! HHR LOVES HHR (Huntingdon Health Rehab Loves Helping Hands Rewards) is a new program in place created by Allison to allow staff, residents, families, and guests to fill out a form describing a WOW moment that they feel deserves a Helping Hand Reward!

Every Friday, Allison gives a shout-out to these recipients by reading the form that was filled out about their WOW moment observed or experienced over the building’s intercom, as staff and residents claps and cheer them on while they make their way to the administrative office to receive their award.

At the end of each month, the staff with the most rewards receives an HHR monthly award that is very nice, but it’s a surprise, so stay tuned! This past week’s Helping Hands Reward winners are Allen, Maddie, Caroline, Ja’Leesa, and Cassie! Congratulations and thank you for going above and beyond for HHR!

staff getting cheered on

staff getting shout outs

staff members

staff members, one holding an award

staff members holding paper

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