Our Blood Drive Event Winners!


Announcing our winners from our Blood Drive yesterday! 👏

⭐ Mic stand 5 piece wing donated by The MIC Stand:
Kim Jones, Kurt Hunley, Wilma Seagraves, Carla Summers

⭐ Subway Gift Cards donated by Lifeline Blood Drive
Patty Clark, Warren Rainey, Joseph Woods, Terri Lynch

⭐ Wal-mart Gift Gard donated by Huntingdon Health and Rehab: Madison Grace Angelos

⭐ Mallards Gift donated by Huntingdon Health and Rehab
Andrea Edwards

⭐ Insect Zapper donated by Huntingdon co-op
Shelia Futrell

⭐ Blood Drive Picnic Cooler donated by Lifeline Blood
Patty Clark

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