Happy Judy, at the House of Angels

I wanted to tell about my experience at Huntingdon Health and Rehabilitation. My first visit at Huntingdon Health and Rehabilitation, I could not walk by myself. When I got there, the Administrator, Alison was outside trimming the flowers. I knew right then that I was in the right place, where everyone worked as a team. Then, by the afternoon, I met some of the most amazing nurses and I met the head of the Departments, which made me feel so welcome and like I was in my own home. The Activities Director, Terry, keeps the residents busy, but more than that she keeps their minds busy and gives the love that they need and enjoy.

The CNA’s are angels here. They make sure that we get our showers and anything we need. They are wonderful and I believe they were sent by God. In fact, all employees were made for this career by our Lord. There is one nurse that tells patients every night, “I love you.” That is what we need to hear. I had the best Physical Therapy team that helped me recover. They are angels also. They also have a wonderful hair stylist that comes every Tuesday.

I recovered and went back home, but unfortunately, I fell and hurt myself again and guess where I came back to? I went back to the House of Angels.

I am telling you if you ever need Therapy or need a Nursing Facility, come on out to Huntingdon Health and Rehabilitation for long or short-term visits. All the staff is amazing, from Nursing to Paula, the social worker who makes sure that all your needs and business is taken care of. Paula runs errands for us and makes sure all our needs are met. That angel has to have wings the way she flies around here.

As with other facilities, we have our moments, but because of the staff, it is solved very quickly.

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