Mr. Finch

Mr. Finch was a retired Army man that spent most of his career working in Medical Equipment Maintenance. He came down suddenly with a cough that quickly became much worse & began to limit his ability to walk and take care of himself daily. He was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia & acute respiratory failure. Upon discharge from the hospital, he arrived at our facility for intense physical & occupational therapy. He was a hard worker & was dedicated to giving it his all every day.
Mr. Finch required assistance with self-care tasks, transfers & functional mobility. Upon discharge, Mr. Finch was independent with mobility & required no assistant device. Mr. Finch was also independent with all activities of daily living.
Mr. Finch stated, “Y’all are the best group I have ever worked around and the best group I ever worked with”! He also said if he ever had to come back to a facility for therapy, he would definitely be coming back to Huntingdon Health and Rehabilitation Center.

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